Welcome Everyone

I am so happy today, writing my first post for this blog. :)
Let me first give my introduction, I am Jyoti Vats. I have created this blog to share my love for arts.. I am an art lover and artist by heart. I believe, life without art n creativity is incomplete.Life is full of colors and i believe in painting my own destiny :)
Since my childhood, i had always thought of becoming an artist and my dream was to paint the whole world This blog is a part of my dream.
                                                                        Self Portrait

Now let me give introduction to this beautiful arts blog.Well!! this blog is all about fine arts.
Fine arts history, famous artist and their works [it includes my works too ;)], arts news, latest developments and every thing about fine arts.
Guys need your love and support for this initiative. All art lovers be a part of it... cheers :)