Life-like images of animals- The Hall of Bulls, 15000 BC

Hello everyone,
Today i have come up with information on paintings which are considered as one of the oldest paintings in the world.
Location is Dardogne, France.
When:  15,000 BC
Well!! Tracing the origin of Painting we land up on the impressive creations of the old stone age humans. These are large-scale paintings representing animals which decorate the walls and ceilings of the caves of Lascuax in France and of Altamira in Spain.
The paintings show life-like images of animals-bulls, horse, antelops and mostly represented from the side and often standing in an alert position.
The paintings on the so called wall in the ' hall of bulls' in Lascuax, France dated about 15000 BC show large bulls moving leftwards. They are drawn in black, with horns in double perspective, their liveliness is achieved by the energy of the broad rthymic outlines. These multicoloured images were first drawn in fine, usually with a sharp flint and then modelled in color made from charcoal and real yellow and brown ochre. The paintings show a fine balance between fidelity to nature and artistic forms.
One of the painting is shown here: