Tips for Different Styling Types of Blue Sarees with the Designer Blouse

Sarees are one of the beautiful INDIAN garments worn by Indian women. A saree is a six meter long decorative fabric that can be draped by a women body in different ways. We are talking about the blue colour sarees. In Indian Ethnic wear, the blue colour gives you a royal look. There is a no word to say when you wear Royal blue Banarsi Saree with a designer blouse. It would be totally classy and elegant. I think you must have one blue saree in your wardrobe. Don’t worry about how to style it. Today here, I am talking about tips for different styling types of blue sarees with the designer blouse.

Tips for Different Styling Types of Blue Sarees with the Designer Blouse
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Choose the right Blouse

When you wear a saree, the first thing is to get the right Blouse. When you are wearing a blue saree, there are many options that can go with the blue colour saree. You have to choose the right Blouse that goes with your saree. It may vary according to the saree fabric. If the fabric banarsi, Kanchipuram, or silk, in that case, you must go with the same colour of Blouse with u- shape or v- shape neck. Avoid other neck styles like halter neck or any sheer style blouse.

You have to choose the simple Blouse for heavy blue sarees. First, you must have an idea of what kind of colour shades come under the blue shade.  We recommend white, green, blue & silver comes with the blue colour of saree.

Choose Subtle Accessories

The blue colour is a very classy and elegant look. We don’t need to add heavy accessories with blue sarees; otherwise, it will give a dull look.

Just go with the pendants or kundan neckpiece if you are ready for the traditional wear. For office and casual wear, just add jhumkas or a classy pair of solitaires.

Drape your saree according to theme

In this fashion world, there are many ways to drape your saree. For example, if you have a designer blouse with a plain blue saree, you can wear it according to the theme. Theme means to say that you can style your saree according to the function. For example, for wedding purposes, you can make proper pleats with a flared loose pallu. For cocktail or birthday parties, you can drape pallu front from your neck. Make sure that you should know all the techniques to drape the saree.

Choose an Eye-Catching Hairstyles

Make sure that your hairdos are perfect as your blue saree.  We can do many styles with a blue saree. Accessories, blouses, heels and makeup make sure that all the things should complement each other. Don’t overdo anything; otherwise, you will look horrible because of the blue colour’s brightness.

High ponytails, messy buns and neatly braided hair are perfect choices that match the blue saree.

Light Makeup

If we are talking about makeup, the blue colour is very dark in the inner self. Simply go with the light matte makeup. Make it simple by using a highlighter or blush. Suppose you wear a light blue shade of saree with a silver designer blouse, then go with heavy makeup. You can go with the foundation for smooth coverage, do contour and concealing process. To compliment your light blue saree, you can use a bronze highlighter with a hint of mascara and eyeliner.

I hope these tips will help you to wear a blue saree & you got many compliments.