Jun 2, 2021

How To Create A World-Class Online Art Exhibition

Are you an artisan or artist? Then you must know that one way to let the world know about you is through an exhibition. Well, perhaps you know that already but have no way of getting a physical gallery for your art exhibitions. That shouldn't cause you to worry. With the recent advancement in technology, you can exhibit your work anywhere in the world for buyers to fall in love.

The world has gone virtual now, and every business is online. Therefore, most galleries increase their productivity by hosting online exhibitions too. So you too can do the same, and guess what; it is super easy. This article covers all you need to know about online exhibitions and how to launch out as an artist. 

How To Create A World-Class Online Art Exhibition

What is Online Art Exhibition

An online exhibition is a unique way of showing your artwork to the world. In this case, instead of the conventional physical gallery, it is held in an online gallery; hence, the venue becomes cyberspace. This feature is why it is called a virtual exhibition. With this method, you can reach a larger audience than those found within your immediate environment. 

A fantastic online exhibition has a curatorial voice with strong depth. It should be different from your main website, with each artwork displaying appropriately. 

Tools Used To Build An Online Exhibition

For you to successfully build an exhibition online, there are vital tools you will be needing. They are: 

  • PC (laptop or desktop)
  • Smartphone
  • Cardboard headset
  • An account with CoSpaces or Google site. For the sake of this article, we would be using the CoSpaces website/app.

Of course, let us not forget the art pieces you wish to exhibit. 

6 Steps To Create An Online Exhibition Using The CoSpaces App

  1. Open a CoSpace account

First, you will need to log into the CoSpaces website and create an account if you don't have one.

  1. Build your exhibition gallery

The app is user-friendly and allows you to build a virtual gallery from scratch. You get to build the walls and place them the way you like on your gallery. You get to determine the theme you want, a museum exhibition or an open-air exhibition. Besides, you also get to attach the floor too to create a complete gallery.

  1. Upload your art pieces

This is the easy part, CoSpaces allows you to use the drag and drop feature to upload your images from desktop to your gallery. After importing the portraits, you can then hang them on the wall. Again, you can do this easily using the blue line under each image. Just drag it to the spot you want and leave it to rest when the line becomes parallel to the wall.

  1. Add Information Board

You need to write the description of each image. You can use the up-right panels to achieve this purpose; then, you hang them on the wall next to the picture or underneath it.

  1. Add details to the Gallery

After attaching the info board, you can now add other elements like flower pots, tables, chairs, or even people to the gallery. This is something to make the atmosphere welcoming.

  1. Test Your Exhibition

Everything is set and ready for you to explore your vernissage. For this, you need your smartphone and the CoSpaces app. Fold your cardboard headset and log into your dashboard. Afterward, click the VR goggles to enter VR mode before placing your phone inside the headset. Enjoy your online exhibition. 

Feel free to share with your friends and place it online for others to see. 

Types of Art Pieces Available In An Online Exhibition

Though it is not a physical gallery, a virtual exhibition is suitable for showing different art pieces. You are not restricted regarding the portrait to exhibit online, as portrait paintings are regular art pieces found in a gallery. They can be part of yours too. You can make paintings of different types such as:

  • The environment- artists able to pass messages across just by painting an abstract view of the environment. The trees, the animals, and even the elements and how the sun caresses the earth.
  • People- we also find this in an online gallery. Exciting moments captured by the lens and painted to perfection. They tell the stories of our very essence.
  • Pets- this is equally popular in art galleries. There’s a lot to learn from the way our pets interact. You can create custom dog portraits from your pet photos or even that of a cat. Whichever you choose, ensure you tell their story correctly in your art piece.

Advantages of Online Art Exhibition

  • It sets you apart from several unknown artists. 
  • It allows you to exhibit your pieces using various themes that evoke different emotions from your visitors.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of works you can exhibit.
  • It saves your time and cuts down the cost, etc.


The world has gone virtual in its quest to reach worldwide coverage. As a result, with an online exhibition, you can reach millions of people worldwide who get to view your painting and then place a request for the piece they like. You can build your online gallery using various channels such as Google site and CoSpaces etc. In this article, we have looked at the user-friendly CoSpaces site for creating a virtual gallery.

Fortunately, there is no restriction on the type of art portraits you can showcase in your virtual exhibition, so do not hesitate to include all your pieces. Therefore, it's time to take your skill to the next level; spending less on exhibition shows and gaining more profit from the online exhibition. So, what are you waiting for? Create your Online art exhibition now.

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