October 8, 2020

Outfit Ideas Using Cocktail Dresses for Formal Events

Outfit Ideas Using Cocktail Dresses for Formal Events

If you thought that a cocktail outfit is only good for the club night with friends then think twice! What if we tell you that it can also be a part of your formal attire for attending office parties? You just need to improvise and accessorize accordingly to look appropriate for the event with cocktail gowns and cocktail dresses

Styling Cocktail Dresses for Formal Events

Here are the unique cocktail dresses ideas that will help you dress up formally for the upcoming events:

  1. Add-On Is Important 

Whether you decide to go with a business cocktail or choose from party dresses for women attire, it is incomplete without the little add-ons like scarves, stole and jackets. Typically, formal cocktail dresses are not too much revealing; they are rather on the modest side. But, using a stole or jacket will make it easy for you to go for strapless and look classy at the same time for the event.  Scarves are also quite chic and add a sophisticated touch to your attire. If it is a fancy event, you can also go for a feather boa to look more affluent. 

This year’s designer collections of cocktail dresses 2020 has a lot of amazing items, check it out:

  1. Accessories

It is an integral part of your look but keep in mind that this is a formal attire so the best thing to do is accessorize moderately. If you’re wearing sleeveless or strapless, go with a choker necklace and ear studs. If it is a V-neck dress, a matinee necklace or a collar necklace will go perfectly with it. Refrain from choosing accessories that have a chance of standing out more than your outfit like hoops or an opera necklace. 

  1. Colour Contrast

This is a unique concept that can impact your attire in a great way. Speaking of colour contrast, the first thing that comes to mind is black and white. They are both solid neutrals and coordinate perfectly with each other to compliment your skin tone and bring out the best. If you’re going for more catchy options, navy blue and white, red and rose gold can also be tried. 

Go through the trendy cocktail dresses and choose your favourite:

  1. Belts Are Helpful 

Do you have a straight figure or are you wearing a straight sheath dress to the formal event? A lot of women think that there is not much to do with formal dresses and it’s all about the boring knee-length midis. Not anymore because a simple belt can give that edge to your attire that doesn’t tamper your formal look but impacts it beautifully. Waistband belts don’t need to be extremely tight or cinching to cause discomfort. They are just there to introduce an hourglass illusion and define your curves more prominently. 

Take a look at these unique cocktail dresses trending for the right reasons:

Fashion has evolved in so many ways at present that it has introduced more opportunities for us to experiment with our styles. Put on your platform heels, take a clutch and head to the office party to impress everyone with your formal yet eye-catching attire. 

Happy Styling!

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