5 Creative Hacks to Try With Your Custom T-Shirt

T-shirts are absolute must-haves for a great wardrobe. They are fashionably versatile pieces and you really are limited only by your imagination in coming up with different styles for them.
It does not matter if your tees are branded or custom T-shirts, with a little creativity, you can make it look fresh for an OOTD.
5 Creative Hacks to Try With Your Custom T-Shirt
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If you have a lot of shirts in your closet that you want to get more use out of, here are five awesome hacks worth trying.

1. Go steampunk with brooches, buttons, chains, and pins.

If you want your custom or personalized T-shirt to look a bit edgier, gather a collection of old brooches, buttons, chains, and pins — perhaps throw in a few bracelets and necklaces. Attach the brooches and pins on the pocket of the short or a pin chain and buttons on one shoulder of the shirt.
This is such an easy way to give your shirt a new look and you do not even have to cut and sew anything. Most importantly, the accessories or embellishments you use and their placement can instantly switch things up even more. The brooches and pins can alter the neckline and sleeves of the shirt.

2. Pair it with a corset.

Corsets are all the rage these days, and if you have one, you definitely can pair it with a custom T-shirt. Wearing a corset will give any basic tee a more feminine silhouette.
And, depending on the bottoms you choose, you can look like a modern cowgirl or a true bold fashionista like Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens. Kim wore her corset over an oversized T-shirt and completed her look with a denim jacket and thigh high boots. Meanwhile, Vanessa went a little simple yet charming with a pink corset over a plain white tee and distressed jeans.

3. Create a neckline cutout to look rocker-chic.

Take a cue from Kristen Stewart who cut a small hole right under the neckline of her T-shirt for a little peep-through, and looked edgy and chic. A shirt cutout is a fantastic way to transform a casual top into a nice grunge-y piece that is perfect for music festivals and even athletic leisure.
To make this rocker-chic shirt even more interesting, make it a little boho. Tie a knot at the hem to accentuate a slim waist or simply to adjust the fit of the shirt and pair the shirt with an open, long denim dress and shorts. Once done, you’ll be ready for Coachella.

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4. Cut and knot the neckband for an asymmetrical feminine neckline.

This is a T-shirt hack that only takes 10 minutes to do, and you do not need special embellishments, just a pair of scissors and a needle with a thread.
Cut the neckband of your custom shirt then cut diagonally from the neck to the armpit of the shirt. Gather the flaps, knot and sew them in place, and voila! An asymmetrical and feminine neckline. This is perfect to pair with high waisted mom jeans because the shirt creates the illusion of lovely feminine proportions.

5. Add a Peter Pan collar.

If your personalized shirt is form-fitting and has a round neck, a Peter Pan collar will definitely work well with it. You can simply purchase a collar from an accessories store. But, you can create your own as well using everything from beads to rhinestones, and even an old collar you’ve cut out from a different top.
Adding a collar to your shirt will make it perfect to pair with cropped trousers and pleated skirts. Complete this outfit with a beret or a newsboy cap, and you got a charming Parisian look down pat.

So, there you have it — five super easy and creative hacks you should try for the custom or personalized shirts that you own.
You will definitely get more fashion mileage out of the most basic elements in your closet and realize that you probably do not need to keep on buying new items. Indeed, with a dash of creativity, you can achieve flattering and unique looks that can set your style apart.

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