August 13, 2018

Wardrobe Styling is an Art

Many think that art is confined to canvas but the definition of art is beyond the canvas boundary. From home decoration to cloth designing, art has a lot to offer. Gone are the days when art was limited to oil or watercolors, now we can see that art has entered every nook and corner of our daily lives.

Wardrobe Styling is an Art

Take for instance the case of wardrobe styling. Earlier we have never heard that the fashion stylist or wardrobe stylist could be a full-time job but now this business is flourishing like anything. We see almost every wardrobe stylist calls himself/herself “an artist” which is true in all sense.

mix-matching of clothes with your accessories, face makeup etc. is not an easy task! You need to have an artist’s mind with full of creativity to come up with something new every time. So, I believe it’s purely fine to address a wardrobe stylist as an artist.

It takes a lots of thinking and judgement to find out which cloth will look good on whom and how it needs to be mix matched with others things to get the desired result. Take an example of long sleeve maxi dresses that are always on vogue regardless of weather or climate. A girl next door would simply wear it and go out but a person who has a creative mind would style it accordingly to the occasion she has to attend. If it’s a causal day outing then minimal makeup, messed up hair or flat footwear would go fine with the whole look.

Red Bodycon Dress

But if your have a catch up a party in the evening then your dress needs to look classy and should be well accessorized. A classy bracelet with some chic dresses like sexy bodycon dresses will do the trick. For an evening look you can opt for a classy bun or curly hair, all depending upon how you want to look and what suites you the best. Here comes the importance of wardrobe styling.
Overall wardrobe styling is getting huge recognition. If you have creative mind with artistic bend, then you can opt for becoming a wardrobe stylist and show your creativity.

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So, friends! Do you consider wardrobe styling as an art?

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