February 28, 2018

Use your Creative mind to be a Fashion Stylist

Hey all! As I always say that creativity lies everywhere so what you wear, how to style yourself is also an art. Now days there are many stylists that are earning their bread and butter by styling other people and are earning a good name and money for themselves. If you are such a creative person who love experimenting with clothes, fashion accessories or  designing clothes and other fashion stuff then you must be knowing the importance of creative thinking.

Use your Creative mind to be a Fashion Stylist

It requires a lot of talent to understand the body type, shape, skin texture and other preferences of a person whom you are styling. Many a times it is comparatively quite easier to style a person with that perfect hour glass figure or those six pack abs but trick lies in styling a person who is little wider or comes in the category of plus size. Though there are many options available to style a plus size person and there is a whole lot of
plus size clothing available in the market as well but you need to make sure that you don’t go behind the fashion blindly. Styling a plus size person requires minimal use of huge prints and use of dark color clothing is encouraged.

Use your Creative mind to be a Fashion Stylist

Similarly, a person with a small frame body or a thin body needed to be styled with good
fashion dresses that can enhance their personality and their problematic body areas need to be hidden. Don’t go for very heavy clothing and fashion accessories for a thin person rather opt for light weight cotton clothes and other such texture clothing that can make the person look good and comfortable.

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So, friends! don’t hesitate to showcase your creativity with your styling sense and be an artist.

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