March 6, 2016

Your Guide To Style The Bodycon Dress

Hello everyone! Well who doesn’t want to look stylish and beautiful? That is the reason why that I many times share dress styling tips and other beauty related information with all of you. Don’t know why but I love everything which is beautiful. For me all the beautiful things are a great source of inspiration. Be it a wonderfully made artistic painting or a stylish colorful dress, I find creativity and art everywhere.

Well! I believe that styling yourself in a perfect clothing is also an art and we all should know that which style of dress suits us and our body the most.

Well a bodycon dress can be your best friend or a nightmare for you so you need to be very specific about the kind of fashion bodycon dress you choose to wear.
Today I am going discuss about how to style your bodycon dress. Here we go :)

Show your best feature by highlighting the dress. Simple choose the asset of you which you want to showcase.
Simply go for a dark shade as many of us don’t want to look fat in a bodycon dress especially from that belly part. Ensuring a dark shade dress, you can assure that no extra fat seems bulging out and looking prominent.
Dare to go bare if you feel you can flaunt the look.
And also you can add an extra layer to your dress that will surely save you from flaunting those extra fat of your body
Keep the accessories minimum so that you look simple sober. Less jewelry means going on a neutral side and this will highlight your bodycon dress.

You can also flaunt a stripped bodycon dress which is very much in fashion these days and you cannot go wrong with it.
You can find some extremely stunning bodycon dresses at fashionmia

Color Block Square Neck Bodycon-Dress

Dramatic Mermaid Pleated Bowknot Bodycon-Dress

High Waist Hollow Out Lace Remarkable Band Collar Bodycon Dress

Absorbing Mermaid With Zips Plain Bodycon-Dress

So friends, which bodycon dress do you like the most? :) Do style yourself with Bodycon dress and look fabulous :)

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