Stylise Your Body According To Its Shape

Clothes add a dash of elegance to your personality. It certainly enhances your curves and accentuates your body. But one thing you should know that buying a dress is simply not enough these days. You need to make it your own so that it complements your shape from every angle.

Well, most people do not know what dresses should they buy? Fashion trends are ever-changing and the market overflows with various styles every year.

So, you should be wise enough to pick your style and make it your own. Everyone has a different body structure and there are several types of dresses which come in various cuts and shapes.
Body shapes are of varying nature. You will never find two bodies which are exactly alike. So, while you are shopping for clothes, you must initially find out about your body shape.
Determining the body shape has got nothing to do with your height and weight. Only the silhouette is enough.  On the whole there are four categories of body shapes that have been identified internationally. These are mainly: Hourglass, pear, wedge and rectangle. Now with each shape comes few do’s and don’ts which help to point out your best features by hiding the rest.

Pear Shaped Body

For a pear shape, the first thing that comes into notice is the lower part of your body. The lower part of your body will definitely be wider than your shoulders and your hips are more round than the rest of your body. You will definitely draw attention to your well defined waist and your shoulders. So you need to keep the volume on the upper part of your body in order to hide the rounded bottom. Since your major body weight is concentrated on the bottom, you need to put on A line dresses. Try to highlight the upper part of your body and minimise the look on your lower part. Wear jackets that end at the waist. This helps to steer the attention away from the hips. Wear wide shoulder or boat neck tops to add volume on your shoulders.  Buy A line dresses and pointed shoes using Amazoncoupons and save on every purchase.

Rectangle Shaped Body

People with rectangular shaped body structure are blessed with proportionate parts. The chest, waist and the lower part of the body are in line with each other thus giving your body a slender and toned appearance. Since there is no excess in any part of the body, you do not need to camouflage any part of your body. Your arms and legs will do the magic. Add layers in your dresses to accentuate the parts of your body. Experiment with colours and try to create a division between the upper and lower part of your body. Wear shift or collared dresses to add more volume to your chest and waist. Use the Jabong coupons to purchase various shades of clothes at amazing deals.

Wedge Shaped Body

If you have a broader chest and wider shoulders along with a narrow bottom then you fall in this category. Since your body draws major attention to the upper part you need to work on your lower part. To accentuate the bottom part you need to make sure that you utilise your legs as these are your best assets. Flaunt the bottom part by wearing bright colours and experiment with your body below the waist. Don’t wear any strappy tops. Maintain an illusion of broadening the lower part of your body by wearing high waist palazzos and long skirts with slits. Don’t wear a single colour on the bottom if you are sporting a skirt instead try stripes in your skirts.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Those who fall under this category are blessed with the curves in the right places. Having an hourglass figure helps to balance the weight equally in the lower and upper part of the body. You should definitely flaunt your curves by wearing clothes that are meant to accentuate your curves. Do not wear baggy clothes instead wear Peplum dresses and flaunt those curves in style. Wear belts and let your hips do the talking. Wear fitted clothes and experiment with high waist jeans and trousers.

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