July 16, 2015

Limeroad.com Review and My Experience

Hi all! Hope you all are having a great time. As you guys know that I am an art, creativity lover and searching for wonderful and unique things is one of my favorite pass times so it’s not new that you find me sharing wonderful creative things here at my blog and surely sharing new online initiatives and websites is always my top priority areas.

So I think by now you must have guessed that I am going to share a new online initiative today and that initiative is in the form of a new online shopping website with name "LIMEROAD".
Yes definitely this website is as beautiful, creative and juicy like its name. 
So, Today I am going to share my recent experience with Limeroad.com,  But before jumping to my review and experience of the website lets see what this website is all about.

About LimeRoad.com

We are passionate about finding things that rise above the mundane; that we think will catch your eye and arrest it. Moreover, to bring these to you wherever you are and whenever you feel you have the time to indulge a little.
So we created a company to bring you products you will fall in love with; to give you a chance to create your own space, to tap into those hidden talents and make your personal looks and collections; to help you share your creations with friends to get that second opinion, to inspire or be inspired; and to help you shop in a way that you will find mesmerizing.
We like to think of LimeRoad as the digital-age equivalent of the 16th Century Grand Trunk Road, a highway that changed the face of trade in the Indian subcontinent.
Come love | create | share | shop with us.

My experience with limeroad.com

Well! This was the first time that I have purchased anything from limeroad but experience was a mixed one. I ordered a hand bag from the website and they delivered it within two days but to my bad luck the bag was not in a good condition, I mean the packaging was intact but seller from the website have send a defective product so I was a little disappointed and called the limeroad customer care staff immediately. I found them very friendly. The person on phone thoroughly explained the procedure to return the product. It was only then when I got some relief that I will get a new non defective product from the website now so afterwards I ordered a new one.
This time my order reached me in 6-7 days. But thankfully the bag was perfectly fine this time and I got the bag of my choice finally. Packaging was good with the product in good condition.

Will I again purchase any product from limeroad?

Yes I will. This site is a new one so there may be some problems in delivering the product but I am sure that with efficient staff and commitment towards its customers this website is going to reach the top. 
I really loved its motto of creating a unique look of your own by creating your profile and new looks at the website itself, It’s really fun and I loved it. You are going to love it too.

My rating: 4/5

So guys have you checked out the website yet? There is much more stuff at Limeroad such as dresses for women and fashion accessories etc.

I have already downloaded the Limeroad Mobile app on my mobile phone, which have made it easy for me to browse the website easily with my phone :) I am loving it :)

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