August 10, 2014

ColorCare London Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple 12 Review, Pictures and Swatches

ColorCare London Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple 12 Review, Pictures and Swatches

Color always fascinates me and whenever I see colors around then even a seconds sight of them makes my day. If you are a regular follower of my blog then you must be aware of this fact and in case you are a new visitor then from the glimpse of this blog you must have acquainted yourself with this fact till now :) hehe..Now let’s come to today’s post and this time I paintings, photography, sculpture etc have taken backstage and I am here with two colourful lipsticks which are from Colorcare London(who says that a fine are lover, artist cannot love beauty, makeup and fashion? Haaannn?? )

Now coming to the review, I am here with two recent shades of lipstick by colorcare which I recently bought and I must say that you all are going to love the colors of these lipsticks by Colorcare. 

Description of Colorcare London Lipsticks
Lipstick is an important cosmetic product women just can’t live without! Color Care London presents you a consistent lipstick which is designed to give a smooth, soft and velvety feel to the lips. Not only it helps in nourishing parched lips but also is pleasant to wear and suits all skin tones.
Available Shades:
Grimy Purple 12, Frenzy Pink 14, Poppy Pink 15, Royal Pink 16, Vivid Orange 17, Poetic Pink 18, Cherry Red 22, Cute Pink 23, Peach Pink 24, Lazy Plum 19, Royal Purple 21, Limpid Pink 25, Crazy Pink 33, Shocking Pink 30, Tangy Orange 36, Crimson Maroon 34, Blushing Maroon 40, Pink Carpet 43, Red Earth 37, Dark Delight 62, Frosty Brown 68, Sienna 72
Longest wearing formula
Protects lips during the dry season
Keep lips soft, shiny and luscious
Helps you look stylish and charming 

Price: INR 195 each
Shades I am going to review:
Lazy Plum 19
Grimy Purple 12

My experience with colorcare lipsticks e.g Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple:
At the first instance I was a bit reluctant to try a new shade from a new brand but very soon I came to know that these lipsticks by colorcare London are natural and from the house of the Body Care, so I immediately decided to try these out as the shades looked pretty awesome and it claimed to be a natural product. I ordered these lip shades online.
Coming to packaging: I loved its packaging its base is transparent made from plastic and cap is in pinkish shade which every girl would love. Body is in silver color like any other lipstick. This lipstick is travel friendly and very easy to carry.
Fragrance: Its fragrance is just like any other lipstick, nothing new and nothing different
Lazy plum is a pinking kind of light shade and is very girlish
Grimy Purple is a bit on darker side and I would suggest to wear it in evening or to some party occasion but for daily wear I  feel its a bit dark but if you have flare to carry this shade without any comfort at day time then you can try it at day time as well.
These lipsticks stays for long, say 6-7 hours without eating or drinking anything but that would be hardly possible for you to stay without a meal or snacks for this long so expect it to stay on your lips for about 3-4 hours or so, after this time frame you need to reapply it. The only concern which I have is that this lipstick has a little tendency to settle in the fine lines of your lips which anyone would hardly like and also I wish these lip shades should have been a little more moisturising.

What I like about Color Care Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple:
  • These are natural
  • Long lasting
  • Great variety of shades available
  • Not very costly
  • Travel friendly

What I didn’t like about Color Care Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple:
  • It’s a new brand so availability is an issue
  • Settles a little in fine line of lips
  • Should have been more moisturizing

My rating: 3.75/5

Will I recommend Color Care Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 and Grimy Purple?

Well yes, if you are looking for a long lasting natural product and love trying new products then you can try these lipsticks from Colorcare. It has amazing variety of shades to choose from

You can purchase ColorCare London Lipstick Lazy Plum 19 here
You can purchase ColorCare London Lipstick Grimy Purple 12 here

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  1. Both colours are very nice!


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