July 21, 2014

Save Your Money With CouponRani

I must confess that I am a huge shopaholic, I love spending time shopping lovely stuff and finding various platform from where I can purchase such stuff at some discounted rates (though I also try to bargain most of the times :) )  and it gives me immense pleasure.. :) Like everyone I too love to shop from those places which give some relief to my pocket(most of you would agree), thanks to the rising inflation that we all people try to find out some way or the other to get some discount and get things at lower prices..

Thank god there are many websites available online now days which really help us in saving at least some of our hard earned money. One of such site which I recently came across is CouponRani which is especially designed to give you more in your shopping bucket with less spending..I think this website seems to be one of the best in the category of coupon offering websites which I have ever come across..Interesting? hannnn...

Lets quickly see what CouponRani is all about?
We are a group of technologists and digital marketers, who love deal hunting and find best deals with or without coupons. From our experience of coupon cutting and finding best online deals, we will find and share that deal steal, that lasts very briefly.
What I really liked about the Website?
At first instance, you may wonder if this site is offering much great deals or not? but as you spend some time on browsing this website and dig further then you will surely be much impressed with the amazing recharge offers and forums its offers which is one of its kind. It has a huge pool of offers.

  • Its a leading and one the fastest growing coupon website
  • This website is offering wonderful great discounts
  • CouponRani has a blog which is one of the best places to know about hot deals available at the site
  • This website also offer free newsletters to keep you updated on hottest offer available..Yay..
  • Its offers a chrome extension which helps the customer to avail coupon without leaving the site.
  • CouponRani also offers amazing coupons such as Zovi Coupons, Snapdeal coupons which are a much better deal or I must say best deal coupons as compared to other coupon sites available over the internet.

What I didn’t like about the site?
There isn’t anything as such which I disliked about the website, it is offering amazing deals and forums so I am really loving the website..It’s a great website for shopping maniac like me :)

Will I recommend CouponRani?
Well yes! Most definitely, till now I have not availed any of the coupons from couponRani but still I feel much impressed with the deals its offering..I am planning to get my discounted coupons from this site very soon, off course, How can I leave such a great opportunity to save my money? Hehehe..You too should check out the site and grab the opportunity as soon as possible and cool some burn on your pocket..

Click here to visit the website


  1. OMG never heard about this site......

    Thanks for sharing...


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