July 17, 2014

My Wishlist From Victoriasdress.co.uk

And girls, if you are looking for evening dresses or wedding dresses, hope the store below will help.

My Wishlist From Victoriasdress.co.uk

Hi all! It’s raining here and I am sitting in front of my laptop, sipping coffee and writing a blog post for you all. Thank god the monsoon has arrived finally, otherwise it would have become almost impossible to tackle this scorching summer here in Delhi, India. Well! Most of the time you see me sharing wonderful paintings, photography works, sculpture, architecture and other beautiful things, but as you all know that I am also a beauty and fashion sucker along with being a great art admirer. 
I believe art and beauty is everywhere and it is this belief which keeps me going. I am really thankful to god for creating art, design and various fashionable stuff.. Now for today I am going to share some amazing designer, colourful and awesome fashion dresses with you all, which being an art and creativity lover you will love for sure. Now coming to this fine art blog post I wanna tell you all that very recently I came across a website www.victoriasdress.co.uk and I got to see some amazing dresses like  “prom dresses” “long prom dresses” “short prom dresses” “evening dresses” “formal dresses” “cocktail dresses”,“bridesmaid dresses” and I was so amazed to see these dresses and felt so fascinated with them that I could not resist myself from sharing these with you all. Have a look at some of the amazing dresses which I found at this website which are on my wish list now, hope you like these too.

I am truly in love with these dresses and surely check back this website again and purchase some wonderful stuff. You should also check out Victoriadress, I am sure you will fell in love with all the dresses at first sight like me..So friends, have you checked out the site? And which dresses from my wish list do you like the most? 

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