July 26, 2014

My Latest Haul from Khoobsurati.com

My Latest Haul from Khoobsurati.com

I am pretty excited to receive my recent haul from Khoobsurati.com :) and I am really loving it..Wow such a cool and much needed stuff for me..
You people might be wondering what is this website all about?  In case you are not aware of this website then let me start with its introduction first:

About Khoobsurti.com
Khoobsurati.com is all about beauty and we are not hesitant in declaring our purpose is to fulfill everyone essential dream of looking attractive. We aim to make you discover your beauty quotient and radiantly shine under its warm glow.
We are a part of Wise Online Stores Pvt. Ltd. having strength of over 100 motivated people working as a team. The concept of Khoobsurati.com was the brain child of our Management after going through the market stats and coming in close contact with the Indian client.
We are here to provide everybody a wonderful shopping experience without any hassle.

My experience with Khoobsurati.com
I am pretty amazed to see the variety of products this website is offering..Really good..woohh...We girls love shopping and can even stop breathing but we can’t stop shopping…isn’t it?.How can I compare breathing with shopping? Shopping is far more important than Breathing...right..hehe.. :D :) 
Well now coming to this website, as I already said that it has a huge variety from Make-up products to accessories, in short this website is all about khoobsurati (Beauty) which is definitely no exaggeration.. Now coming to my shopping experience on this website, I must add here that the customer care and sales staff is very helpful and I got all my items within 3 days of ordering which is a great thing about this new website, I can really imagine that with this dedication, this website is going to go very far as most of you would agree that sincerity and care for your customers is the first and foremost important thing for any entrepreneur or a company.
Now coming to packaging, I feel it was quite good but there is a little scope of improvement. Though all the products reached me in good condition..I liked it..

I also would like to add here that I got a free gift with my haul...Yay...and to my surprise it was a very cute petite purse, I am loving it..

What I liked about Khoobsurati.com?
  • Friendly  sales staff.
  • Good and safe packaging.
  • Lots of variety in stuff.
  • Website is very easy to load and browse.
  • Your order gets delivered within 2-3 days.
  • Products are reasonably priced.

What I didn’t like about Khoobsurati.com?
  • There was nothing which I didn’t like about this website..

Will I recommend Khoobsurati.com for online purchasing?
Most definitely, I loved everything about this website...It is offering good variety of products and reasonable and affordable prices.. You too should also try wonderful stuff from this website.

So friends, have you checked the website? Click here to view the website :) 

Note: I have received this haul from Khoobsurti.com for PR Reviews but my review is honest as always :)

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