India Circus Website Review - Solution to All Your Artistic and Designing Needs

India Circus Website Review - Solution to All Your Artistic and Designing Needs 
Hey all! How are you doing?  Today I am going to share review of a wonderful website “indiacircus”. Well! I came across this site few days back and was really impressed with the designer stuff showcased at this website. India Circus is a website by designer Krsna Mehta and is one of the fastest growing websites on the internet. It has various amazing stuff such as Home Décor, Wall Art, Dinning, Accessories, Rugs, Fashion etc. Click here to have a feel of this amazing online store IndiaCircus. 

About India Circus:
India Circus Retail Pvt. Ltd. offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home decor to personal accessories. With an All-Indian palette, we draw our inspiration from both Mughal Royalty as well as road-side chai. We offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which we feel represents India.

India Circus seeks to curate the essence of life in India, and transcribe this loud and colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated style. From luminescent lamps to totes a la mode, we have a lot to offer for various corners of your life!

The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional. All of our creations offer sophistication with a dash of 'Indian-ness,' without draining your wallets.

About Krsna Mehta
Design Director

Our design is premium, and we have Krsna Mehta as our Design Director. He is known the world over for his aesthetic taste in textiles and art. India, its madness, and colours inspire him to bring India Circus alive.
He has been associated with a number of lifestyle brands like The Elephant Company, The Bombay Store, Good Earth, Zeba, Godrej and Metro, to name a few, for his impeccable sense of design and art. His vision is to make Indian art more contemporary. For India Circus, this vision translates into home décor and lifestyle products. All the products are inspired by India, but with a twist.

My Experience with India Circus:
I have a pretty good experience with Indiacircus. Firstly this website has some very amazing designer stuff which is unique in its own sense and I am sure that anyone who praises beauty and creativity will surely be going to love all the stuff here at this website. Actually,  I am a crazy fine art, paintings, designing, fashion and beauty lover and whenever my eyes get a chance to see such innovative and unique stuff I always feel delighted. What else? I found this website is very unique in the sense that it contains some very different stuff and most of the people and art lovers like me love to grab different and unique stuff. Who doesn’t love to get and possess unique and pretty? Hunn…. All in all Indiacircus is a one place solution for all your shopping needs from Home Décor to Accessories and Apparels and the list simply goes on.

I have ordered two Jhola bags from this website and when I placed the order I was a bit worried about the quality of the cloth used or say raw materials of which these jhola bags  are made. I got my stuff delivered at home on the fourth day of order and it was in very good condition. When I opened my haul I was very delighted to see the stuff and it quality really impressed me a lot. Quality was without a doubt much better than what I expected it to be. All my earlier doubts of expensiveness of the items in this site went away within seconds and I felt “Girl! The stuff is really cool and quality is simply to bang on and your were without any reason so much worried..huh”

Pros of IndiaCircus:
  • Site loads very fast
  • Easy Navigation
  • Different payment methods available including COD
  • Loved the packaging
  • Quality is super awesome
  • Order placement is very easy
  • You get your order within 5 days
  • Unique pretty stuff
  • Many gift Vouchers available

Cons of IndiaCircus
  • It should add more items to the website
  • Some may find products to be a bit expensive but it’s worth the money.
  • Will I recommend this website?
  • Yes, I will definitely recommend this website to all the people who love to possess amazing designer and unique stuff

Note: I got these items from Indiacircus for review but my review as always is honest  :*