Jun 10, 2013

Awesome Watercolor Paintings by Marlin Rotach

Marlin Rotach is a realistic watercolor painter from Salina, Kansas. Painting was always his childhood ambition. He got BFA from Kansas University and did his MFA form University of Nebraska. Later He  taught drawing, painting in Missouri-Kansas City Uiniversity .
Since mid-1990’s he has mostly worked with watercolors as a medium for different galleries and has worked on commission.
Since the very beginning of his childhood, he has grown up with paint, brushes and art works, books as his father was a commercial artist. Due to this he developed inclination towards fine arts and art history. Like other famous artists, his paintings are mostly based on the concept of light and shadow. 
His original watercolors works are available through the American Legacy Gallery and Manitou Galleries.
According to him- “Ideas are to literature what light is to painting”.
His watercolor paintings are so realistic and beautiful that I cannot take my eyes off them.
What a brilliant talented artist he is.

Check out his charming watercolor painting which I have assembled here for you


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