Jul 26, 2019

Things to Consider Before Buying an Engagement Ring

You have found that special someone whom you want to get married to and wish to buy an engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring for that special someone shouldn’t be done in haste and there are few things that you need to keep in mind before you buy one.

In this article, we provide for you some vital tips to keep in mind before you buy an engagement ring:

Think about the shape

Engagement Rings
Before you think about the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat), you should have an idea of the shape of ring that you and your partner likes. Shape is the indicator of the actual geometry of the stone and is different from the cut. The cut is related to the angles of the facets that are in the stone.

Your Budget: 

Even before you begin the process of perusing online jewelry stores or brick and mortar stores looking for the ring, it is best to first figure the much you are willing to spend on a ring. The ring you should settle for is one that you can actually afford and not break the bank. The right amount that you can spend on a ring is that which you feel comfortable spending. While it may feel tempting for you to go for something that is high-end and expensive, it is never a good idea to exhaust your finances so that you will later start off life with debts.

Think about the taste of your partner

The other thing that you need to think about before you purchase an engagement ring is of course the taste of your partner. Does your partner have a taste for Moissanite rings? Well, these are some things you have to keep in mind even as you shop for that engagement ring. You never know, your better half could have an interest in Opal engagement rings.

Engagement Ring

Image source: tiffany

Diamonds aren’t always the best for all ladies out there

While diamonds have been synonymous with engagement rings, not every girl out there likes them. Besides, they aren’t the only option when it comes to engagement rings there are other precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires or rubies which could also be a budget-friendly alternative for you. The cubic zirconia engagement rings may offer a wide variety of engagement rings and you should be able to find even non-diamond engagement rings that are of the best quality.

Always shop safe

Image credit: tiffany

It is advisable for you to consider safety when shopping for anything and engagement ring is no exception. For this, you would want to start your jewelry search with recommendation from friends or family. If you still haven’t found any leads, you could check to find about accredited jewelers from approving authorities. The large and jeweler chains that are renowned are often reliable and sometimes offer sales you can take advantage of. You should also find about the store’s return policy. This will come handy for you when you need to return the ring for exchange if it is not what you wanted.

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